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Girl sitting with guitar


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The other half of our introduction project is aperture. Altering the aperture will affect the depth of field of the picture. The aperture is measured in f/stops. The lower number of f/stops means the lens has a larger opening making the depth of field less. You would want to choose a lower number when you want the background to be blurred and the focus of the picture to be sharp. The higher number of f/stops menas the lens has a smaller opening, increasing the depth of field. A higher number would make the entire image much sharper. The goal of this project was to experiment with different apertures and show how it changes.

Guy and girl sitting on park bench
Guy and girl sitting on park bench (side view)
Boat sailing on the water
Sunset over the water
Sunset over the water
3 guys standing in a park
Parked car in black and white
Sunset over water behind a corvette
Sunset peering through trees in front of car
Close up of park table with trees in the back
Viewfinder binoculars with sunset in the background
Girl in store holding hersheys baking chocolate
Girl playing guitar in park, darkened
Girl playing guitar in park on table
Girl on rocks playing guitar
Girl on rocks playing guitar (from behind)