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The portfolio of Ryan Kadlick

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Content Strategy

When we were assigned this project our first task was to come up wih our topic. I had just been to my photography class prior to getting that task and thought, "why not combine the two"

The idea was to display all my photos as a portfolio, telling a story about how I spent my semester in that class. My first idea was quickly put to shame when realizing how large each image would be to show them all. So I had to narrow it down first by each project and then I took the best ones of each project to display.

The first page I worked on was the homepage, specfically the header that appears on every page. The first idea of mine for a header was to add a great picture to it. Then after the many attempts of playing with the layout, I finally achieved my goal with the header and could move on.

Since I had a base layout of the homepage done, my next task was to choose a color scheme and fonts. I decided to find 3 professional fonts that all mesh well together and carefully organized them among the website. One font for the regular text, one for main headings, and a final one for subheadings. The color scheme I orginally had was a simple modern black and white. Later, I realized I would need an alternate stylesheet and relegated my simple black and white to the alternate. I did keep a dark tone with a bright compliment when I chose a dark blue with a light, transparent yellow compliment.

After choosing the colors I created the first page, because after the first page they were thankfully all duplicates. Creating a box to display all the images equally spaced out was the intention and it was accomplished. The only issue I faced was how small and undetailed the images became. So I decided to also make a large version of each image to be opened in a new tab (to not disrupt the viewing of the site).

The tedious work of setting up the layout and linking all the images was finally over. The next step was to add in all the word descriptions in the entire site. After doing the descriptions everywhere, I created a checklist with the Word document on what I was missing. I then proceeded to accomplish the missing parts whether it was implementing them into the site itself or the Other Requirements page.