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Social Documentation

Our next project in the semester was a social document. The goal of this project was to go out in the world and explore a story. I decided to go to the abandoned naval base in Jamestown, Rhode Island. With great company to share the experience, I was able to tell a story throughout the pictures I took about the abandoned naval base.

Abandoned naval base staircase
Graffiti on abandoned naval base
Graffiti on walls outside
Graffiti on ledge with railing
Overview of standing on abandoned naval base
Abandoned naval base
Graffiti superman logo
Abandoned  naval base doorway
Abandoned naval base window
Shubbery at abandoned naval base
Overview of grounds of abandoned naval base
Inside abandoned naval base staircase
Dark corridor inside naval base
Alien head graffiti
Graffiti words: Carrying wreckage in each tounge touched orange peel kiss
Graffiti words: Im sorry I had nothing to say that night