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For the first project of the class, the goal was to learn about the foundations of photography and two major components, shutter speed and aperture. The shutter speed plays an important role in showing motion in a photo. A slow shutter speed will create a blur that trails behind whatever object or person is moving. A faster shutter speed will stop the moving object in its tracks, making a speeding car look parked. The goal of this project was to express motion in a still photograph.

American flag waving
Guy running on grass
Guy running on grass with spotlight around him
Windmills blowing
Guy blowing out blue smoke
Guy blowing out purple smoke
Car side mirror of moving car
Picture of field from moving car
Picture of corvette driving
Two guys throwing a rock
Two guys throwing a rock
Blurred car driving
Girl walking in a parking lot
Girl cracking an egg
Girl pouring brownie batter
Guy climbing over railing