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For the final project of the semester we were given a pleuthra of choices as well as the oppurtunity to make our own. I decided to go with one of the templates given by our teacher, text and images. The examples given were about poetry and song lyrics, I took the song lyric approach. My photos for this project are based off of a truly inspiring artist, Eminem. This project was my favorite of the four because I enjoyed connecting the lyrics of his songs to my own images.

Notebook with Eminem song lyrics written
Headlights with words: Headlights in the dark night I drive on
Guy looking at notebook with words: Im the biggest fan youll ever lose, Sincerely yours, Stan
Guy looking at projector with words: Im trying to give you the life I never had
Basketball court with words: You only got one shot do not miss your chance to blow
Two guys walking under street light with words: Just letting you know that youre not alone Holler if youve been down the same road
Phone with bridge background at night, phone screen says: Well, gotta go, Im almost at the bridge now, Oh shit, I forgot how am i supposed to send this shit out